Properly managing your credit cards and understanding the score exposure you face from a Home Equity Line of Credit (“HELOC”) makes up the “revolving credit utilization” component of your score. The score calculator or algorithm penalizes those who carry a balance that is higher than 30% of their available credit limit. For instance, a $1000 credit limit would be ideal with a balance of less than $300. In my experience, paying down your credit card balances below the thresholds of 90%, 70%, 50%, and/or 30% of your limit will improve your score.

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Ryan David

Hey It’s Ryan from The Movement Academy and I feel your pain.  Navigating today's enviornment is confusing and can feel like an endless battle.  Over the past 12 years I have helped thousands of people achieve their dream of a better life and a future for the ones they love.  My goal is to teach simple techniques for life that could end suffering for all. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Credit Cards

    • Step 1: Credit Cards

    • Step 2: Identify Credit Cards

    • Step 3 - Calculate your card usage

    • Step 4: Credit Card Usage Calculation

  • 2

    Credit Card Action + Building Positive Credit

    • Step 1: Credit Card Action

    • Step 2: Card Priority

    • Step 3: Tiers & Options

    • Step 4: Credit Card Power Tip

    • Step 5: Focus to Pay

    • Step 6: Balance Transfer Offer

    • Step 7: Approved Cards to Build Good Credit