You have the legal right to challenge any item reporting on your credit report.

The burden of proof is on the credit bureaus to validate what they are reporting is accurate —it is not on you to prove that they are reporting inaccurately.

That is an important fact to keep in mind as you continue your journey to better credit.

About the instructor

Your Coach

Ryan David

Hey It’s Ryan from The Movement Academy and I feel your pain.  Navigating today's enviornment is confusing and can feel like an endless battle.  Over the past 12 years I have helped thousands of people achieve their dream of a better life and a future for the ones they love.  My goal is to teach simple techniques for life that could end suffering for all. 

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Taking Action

    • Step 1: Taking Action

    • Step 2: Action Instructions

    • Step 3: Instructions Form

    • Step 4: Make Copies

    • Step 5: Copies Check List

    • Mailing Address Dispute

    • Change of Address & Inquiry Removal Forms

    • Personal Info Dispute

    • Personal Info Removal Letter

    • Inquiry letter instructions

    • Inquiry Dispute Letter

  • 2

    Wrap Up

    • Wrap Up

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